"Send" button
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Use this button to send cryptocurrency. Upon tapping it, you will see several options:

  • Crypto Wallet: Used to send cryptocurrency to another blockchain address: crypto wallet or crypto exchange.

  • Send Globally: Make a transfer in a local currency to someone abroad

  • Bank account: Used for bank transfers to your personal bank within the SEPA area.

After selecting the "Crypto Wallet" option:

  • You will be prompted to choose the asset you want to send from your available assets. Select the desired asset.

  • Then, choose the network.

  • Enter the recipient's wallet address.

  • Tap "Continue" and review the transaction details.

  • Confirm the action.

  • Upon a successful transaction, you will see a corresponding message on your screen.

After selecting the "Globally" option:

  • Go to “Wallets” tab, click “Send”

  • Select option “Send Globally” from the list

  • Select the original asset or currency, which balance will be used for the conversion and further transfer

  • After please select the destination country, where you want to send funds

  • Then you need to choose the payment method, which is used to make a transfer to the receiver

  • Then you need to specify details of the receiver (card details, etc)

  • After this you need to define the amount of the original asset or currency to be converted before sending

  • Then you will see the checkout screen, where you can check and agree on all the details of the

  • Send Globally transfer

  • After confirming the transfer you will see the success screen. Job is done!

For a more detailed overview of the step-by-step instructions for the Send Globally feature, click here.

After selecting the "Bank account" option, please follow these steps:

  • Choose your SEPA bank account.

  • Refer to the instructions provided on how to add your bank account.

  • Enter the required details of your bank account.

  • Enter the amount you wish to send.

  • Please provide the necessary bank information and specify the amount you want to send in order to complete the process.

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