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As an example, let's consider a scenario where a client from Europe wants to send funds to another customer from Ukraine using the Send Globally (P2P) feature on Here's how it could work, let’s see the steps of one of possible ways of doing this.

Our feature “Send Globally” allows you to send money abroad, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to “Wallets” tab, click “Send”

  2. Select option “Globally” from the list

  3. Select the original asset or currency, which balance will be used for the conversion and further transfer, for example it could be USDT (Tether)

  4. After that, please select the receiver's country, where you want to send funds. It’s Ukraine in our example

  5. Then you should choose the payment method, which is used to make a transfer to the receiver. For example PrivatBank in Ukraine.

  6. Then you need to specify details of the receiver, card details for receivers from Ukraine.

  7. After this you should define the amount of the original asset or currency to be converted before sending, e.g. 25 USDT.

  8. Then you will see the checkout screen, where you can check and agree on all the details of the Send Globally transfer

  9. After confirming the transfer you will see the success screen. Job is done!

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