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Unsupported transactions for prepaid card
Unsupported transactions for prepaid card
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Our prepaid cards support a wide range of transactions, allowing you flexibility and convenience in your day-to-day spending. However, certain types of transactions are not permitted. These transactions are identified by their Merchant Category Codes (MCC).

MCC codes for which bank payments are NOT SUPPORTED:

4829 - Wire transfers, money transfers, money transfers by order (V, D, G, X)

5542 - Automated fuel stations

5966 - Direct marketing - outbound telemarketing

5967 - Direct marketing - inbound telemarketing

5968 - Direct marketing - subscription services

6010 - Financial institutions - manual cash disbursements

6011 - Financial institutions - automated cash disbursements

6012 - Financial institutions - goods and services

6051 - Quasi cash - merchants

6211 - Securities - brokers and dealers

6540 - Funding of interaction points transactions (excluding MoneySend)

7800 - Government-owned lotteries

7801 - Government-licensed casinos (online gambling)

7802 - Government-licensed horse/dog racing

MCC codes classify businesses by the type of services or goods they provide. If a transaction falls under an MCC that is not supported by our prepaid cards, the transaction will be declined. This measure is in place to comply with regulatory requirements and to ensure the security and proper use of your card.

Please note: After receiving the card, it will not be possible to withdraw or return funds back to the account.

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