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What is Simple Earn?
What is Simple Earn?

General conditions and information about Earn program

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Simple Earn is an investment solution designed to optimize the use of your idle funds or boost your cryptocurrency portfolio's yield by earning interest on your crypto deposits.

What's the Minimum Investment Amount for Simple Earn?

The minimum investment amount for Simple Earn varies with each offer and cryptocurrency, starting from a minimum of $10 USD or its equivalent.

Understanding Variable Interest Rates

Each Simple Earn offer includes a variable interest rate on crypto deposits, influenced by market conditions and demand. For active Earn accounts, the interest rate is also variable, but will not fall below the rate of the current active offer for the same cryptocurrency.

Adding Funds to an Active Earn Account

It's possible to add funds to an active Earn account, increasing the principal for income calculations. The terms for accruing income and withdrawing funds adhere to the specific offer's conditions accepted upon account initiation.

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