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How to order a Simple card?
How to order a Simple card?
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What do you need to do to get the card?

1. On the main screen of the application, you can find the "Get Simple card now" button, if it is available for you. You can also open your EUR wallet and find the "Get card" button there.
2. On the next tab you can choose the type of card.
*Please note: Currently only virtual card is available
3. Confirm the creation of the card with your PIN or Face ID/Touch ID.
4. Create a password for your card that meets the requirements.
5. In order to receive a card, you will be required to pass some additional KYC steps. This usually takes a short time, so don't worry!
​The card creation takes some time, usually up to a few business days. As soon as the card is ready, you will receive a notification!

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