How to buy crypto?
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To purchase cryptocurrency using the Simple App, follow these general steps:

  • Open the Simple App and tap the "Buy" button (+).

  • Choose the cryptocurrency you want to purchase.

  • If your bank card hasn't been added yet, select "Add Bank Card" and provide your card details.

  • Skip this step if your card is already saved.

  • Select the currency for the purchase.

  • Specify the amount in the chosen currency that you want to spend on buying the cryptocurrency.

  • Review the Order Summary and agree to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy.

  • Tap "Confirm" to proceed with the purchase.

  • Enter the CVV (Card Verification Value) for your bank card. You may need to confirm the transaction through your bank's application or via SMS in some cases.

  • Congratulations! You have successfully completed the purchase, and the cryptocurrency will be added to your portfolio.

Please note that the specific steps and available options may vary slightly depending on the version and features of the Simple App you are using.

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